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Katie Jackson Teykaerts, MA, CCC-SLP/BCBA


At River City Behavior & Communication Consultants, we provide our clients and their teams with access to the most up to date evidence based practices in assessment, treatment and training. After years of planning and preparation, in 2021, RCBC finally opened its doors to clients in the city of Sacramento. Our mission has been to provide quality assessment, treatment, and consultation services in a collaborative environment ensuring that all of our client's team members are fully supported with all the necessary tools to ensure success.
From Independent Assessment to Consultations and Team Trainings, our personalized services allow us to manage a wide range of client needs across the spectrum of behavior and communication. Book a consultation today and see what we can do for you and your team.


Collaboration over Competition

In working with children with complex needs, there are frequently many service providers, each with their own unique perspective and knowledge. Too often, families and other care teams are caught between a 'battle of the professionals' with conflicts abound between clinicians across settings or disciplines.

At River City Behavior & Communication Consultants, we seek to provide a cohesive and collaborative assessment/treatment plan bringing each team member's unique expertise to the table and ensuring that all are both acknowledged and implemented with fidelity for the benefit of each client and team we work with. 

Through years of professional practice bridging the divide between speech-language pathology and behavior analysis, Ms. Jackson Teykaerts has developed a passion for helping families and educational teams alike in coordinating care and feeling fulfilled in knowing their collaborative practices are ensuring optimal outcomes for the populations they serve. 

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